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Be sure you are getting the best rate for your home, condo or tenants insurance policy. Insurance rates vary dramatically from insurance company to insurance company.

To ensure you are not over paying for you home, condo or tenants insurance do your own rate search.

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Home insurance insures you as a homeowner, tenant or condo owner. It also provides liability coverage, in case someone sues you for injuries or damages.

It also covers your contents, whether on the property or temporarily outside of your property. As an example, if someone breaks into your car to steal your laptop or camera, coverage is with your property insurance policy, not your auto insurance policy.

A common myth is that tenants don't need to get insurance because the landlord's insurance will cover their contents. Believing this could cost you dearly.  Consider the cost of replacing all of your contents, as most tenant policies include guaranteed replacement.

Although coverage can vary from company to company, there are  three types of policies:

*        Standard Policies - Provide protection for your dwelling and contents against certain named perils such as lightning, hail, windstorm, specific types of water damage.  Theft may be included or be available as an option.

*        Broad Form Policies – Provide “all risk” coverage to your dwelling and named peril coverage to your contents.

*        Comprehensive Policies – Provide “all risk” coverage to your dwelling and contents

Note that “all risk” coverage means that a loss is covered, unless it is specifically excluded.  Some common exclusion include: acts of terrorism, war, mold or mildew, flooding and poor construction.

Speak to a licensed insurance broker and save even more dollars by combining your auto and home insurance with the same insurance company.  Check that all available discounts are included.

Shop and compare.  Let InsuranceHotline.com find the best rate for you.  Insurance is the same product throughout the province, as it is highly regulated by the provincial government.  The only difference is your rate.  Are you paying too much?

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